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Education & Workforce Development

Education & Workforce Chair:

Margaret Kirkpatrick, NW Natural


AOI Policy Manager:

Betsy Earls, Vice President & Counsel


Mission: AOI supports educational excellence, sound funding and meaningful accountability at all levels—from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary education and workforce preparation.

This focus on educational excellence begins with ensuring that Oregon’s youngest citizens receive the family and community support they need to be ready for school.  Once students have entered school, AOI’s focus shifts to K-12 and the need to prepare students with the skills necessary to succeed. Expanding access to post-secondary education is the critical next step, and beyond that is the need to ensure that students are ready for a career, regardless of the type of education they pursue.


The Council:

  • Supports development of high-quality, evidenced based early childhood education programs;
  • Supports policies that ensure college/post-secondary readiness throughout the K-12 system;
  • Makes college more accessible and affordable for all students, including populations that have not traditionally participated in the post-secondary system;
  • Supports career and technical education policies that focus on future market demands and that meet the identified needs of Oregon’s private sector.

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