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AOI Prosperity PAC

AOI PAC Chair:

Dan Harmon, Hoffman Corporation


AOI PAC Manager:

J.L. Wilson, Vice President


Mission: A coalition of Oregon companies committed to building pro-growth, pro-business political leadership in Oregon.



  • To organize the business community around a common objective of supporting and electing pro-business candidates to the Oregon Legislature.
  • To build reliable and sustained pro-growth, pro-business political leadership in Oregon.     

A coalition of interest groups that don’t reflect the best interests of Oregon’s citizens and its business community is currently setting the statewide agenda.  The result is a statewide unemployment rate that consistently exceeds the federal rate and family incomes that are nearly 10% lower than the national average.

Oregon business lacks a reliable governing majority on core business issues that increase employment, wages and prosperity for all Oregonians. 

There is a critical need for a broad and organized business coalition that is focused on rebuilding and sustaining pro-growth, pro-business political leadership in Oregon.   This is the role of AOI PAC.  

AOI PAC is critical in organizing Oregon’s business community around a common objective of supporting pro-business legislative candidates and building a reliable pro-business political leadership in Oregon.   

In 2010, AOI PAC raised over $350,000 to fight the Measure 66 and 67 tax hikes and another $400,000 to support pro-business legislative candidates.  The 2010 elections were successful for AOI PAC, having won a net six seats in the Oregon House and a net two seats in the Oregon Senate.

The 2012 election marked even more growth for AOI PAC, with the PAC raising over $555,000 to support key pro-business legislators and candidates.  Results were disappointing, however; as AOI PAC lost a net four seats in the Oregon House.  The Oregon Senate stayed pat.

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