The Oregon Business Plan is part of an ongoing effort by Oregonís business community to shape a long term strategy for increasing quality jobs in our state.
Information and action on the issues you need to know about to keep your business competitive.
Discounted health care and workers' compensation insurance, and access to resources to help you be more competitive.

Business Advocacy

Policy Councils

AOI member policy councils are charged with developing the Association's public policy recommendations. Policy councils are made up of members interested in establishing a consensus on issues of direct concern to their business. The councils also keep members up-to-date on legislative, regulatory, and other business issues, as well as provide a forum to network with other business leaders.

AOI member company employees can serve on or attend any council. At times there are complex issues requiring a greater concentration of efforts through special task forces or subcommittees. Members can adjust their participation based on their own time constraints and the immediacy of the issues. They can even simply subscribe to the e-mail updates to keep on top of important issues and developments. AOI encourages participation in the issues of greatest concern or impact to each member.

Each policy council is chaired by an AOI member and staffed by the AOI policy manager responsible for that subject matter, providing a direct link between the council members and the government activity at hand.

Education & Workforce Development

Employment Practices

Environment & Energy

Fiscal Policy

Health Care

Oregon Retail Council

Transportation & Distrubution 

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